Friday, November 5, 2010

Facebook For Idiots Finally!

Facebook For Idiots Finally!
The Guide To The World's Largest Digital Hangout

Finally, the 'Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook' makes it's way to the shelves - not that it was delayed or anything like that, I mean more like - finally a breath of fresh air to help us with facebook! The book contains over 280 pages of facebook help, far beyond the useless and often outdated facebook help pages.

The Complete idiot's Guide To face Book ( ISBN #978-1-61564-036-2) sells for $16.96 US, by Alpha\Pengiun Press) is available now at all popular bookstores throughout North America.

The point of the book is not to do with facebook's statistics, or popularity or any mumbo-jumbo about facebook's social networking strength but rather about the absolute basics of facebook. 

Need to setup an account? learn facebook etiquette, or setup your profile. Understand common mistakes and no-no's like 'creeping on someone's facebook'

The Complete idiot's Guide To Facebook with take you from idiot to advertising executive in no time. The book covers everything from general friends and family connections, security, emailing and communications, right through to setting up facebook business pages and using facebook advertising.

Facebook isn't just for gossip and chatting anymore! Sell products, launch a business, or build your own social network - all with the help of this book. Facebook as quoted by co-author Joe Kraynak is the most intriguing digital hangout on the planet. Mikal, co author thanks his grandmother for teaching him a thing or two about facebook as well. 400+ million users seem to agree that this is the place to be. Imagine how many of us are facebook idiots....Buy the Book!