Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Coolest Gadets For Kids!

Spy Net Video Watch - James Bond Only Wishes!

The 2010 Holiday season is upon us and of the many gadgets and technology, there are those rare few gadgets that stand out above the rest. In this particular case, it's the tech toys for kids that grabs my attention.

Specifically, the Spy Net Video watch from Jakks Pacific. Not a toy by any means - well it is, but not just for kids! This is a video watch! Remember the days when we saw devices in the movies and TV like the Star trek communicator (which now resembles most flip cell phones) or how about the detective series like James Bond? Q would have given James Bond one of these for sure!

These are the 'real deal dude' a bonafide video watch on your wrist! Not only a video watch, but a video camera, a still camera, and an audio recorder!

Although this is aimed at the 8+ years old market, no doubt many adults will be giving this a second and third look on the store shelves - if you can find one! These are flying off the store shelves throughout North America! No doubt on Christmas morning, dad is going to want to be around when Jr. opens this present! And when Jr. asks dad for help - good luck getting it back! Now onto the technical details - I'll keep it simple.

The Spy net Video watch is a real video camera and video screen. It captures pictures and audio, and can take photos as well. It supports regular USB connections to the PC, and it includes batteries! Get this - rechargeable Lithium Ion! Jakks Pacific pulled no punches on this one! The Spy Net Video Watch has an easily accessible demo button which plays an introduction video, which is a great selling feature! Once you unpack the video watch, simply replace the provided demo (disposable) batteries with the Lithium Ion batteries. The suggested retail price is $49.95 USD, which is surprisingly low for a gadget of this nature. It also has a 90 day limited warranty. About the only thing missing is the secret grappling hook and rope! (kidding)

Some Quick Specs and Features:
  • 1.4" Full Color TFT Screen
  • Record over 20 minutes of full video and audio
  • Capture over 2000 photos (even supports time lapse)
  • Record over 4 hours of audio
  • Built in Apps (Big detector, Lie Detector)
  • Connectivity to USB Port for uploading and downloading content
  • Recharge the batteries through USB
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Download missions and updates from website
  • Hidden camera
  • Scrolling Up and Down buttons for quick access to built in 'Spy Applications'
  • Secret content included with the '3D Spy Card'

The fun doesn't stop there either. The video watch connects to the spynethq website which allows your junior (or senior) spy to upload their files online. Once online, they can run the lie detector software, and video analysis software, or download specially-tailored missions for use with their SpyNet video watch.
The USB port also allows for the addition of accessories, like the SnakeCam for recording video secretly around corners. The Spy Net product line also has some neat gadgets like the Audio Recording Pen, and Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars to name a few.