Monday, February 25, 2013

Locking Down Facebook Graph Search

Locking Down Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is launching it's 'Graph Search', and just as 'Facebook Timeline', you need to take notice and respond. If you didn't make changes to your account privacy settings to coincide with Timeline, then you are going to be behind the proverbial 8 ball again.
This means your personal information is going to be public and open to anyone - unless you do something about it.

There are some simple steps to safely protect your information.

  1. Protect Future Facebook Posts
    This sets the default values of any post. (This included mobile device posts)
    This should be set to either 'only you' or 'friends'. Setting this to only you is the safest bet, but also means that no one will see it. You of course can change the settings of each individual post at the time of posting. This should be set to at least 'friends'.
  2. Protect Current Facebook Posts
    You can protect posts from this point onwards. Use the "Activity log" button on your Timeline to review all of your Likes, and remove anything you're not happy with.
  3. Protect Yourself from Facebook Friends
    To stop friends from tagging you and posting information or pictures that you may not want, the timeline review option allows for additional control over what others can and cannot post about you. This setting trickles down to facegook graph search settings.
    (Provided you have timeline review enabled)

    Note: There is some disconnect from actually being a 'complete facebook security solution', however. The Facebook activity log (explained here Activity Log ) is the absolute best location to approve and deny posts, tags and other information about you from being published.
Change these settings now and you'll be ready for graph search!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smart Watches - The Next Gotta Have Gadget

Watch for Smart Watches, The Next Gotta Have Gadget!

Lets first explain the concept of a smartwatch. A 'smart watch' is a relatively new innovation on the simple wrist watch. Essentially, a mini mobile phone (or so they aspire to be). The smart watch is primarily a standard watch that tells time, however, now it is evolving to act as an accessory to your smart phone. A primary function of the smartwatch (at this time) is to become a second screen for your smart phone. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to enhance your mobile phone. With it you can use the second screen to read email, SMS messages and control your multimedia library. Additional features may include access to your phone’s GPS to display a speedometer. Countless innovations are possible!

In the 80's there were calculator watches, and even TV watches such as Casio's C-80.

Seiko introduced the TV Watch

2012 brought a whole gamut of new smart watches and the promise of great things to 'watch' for.
The playing field has several players already, with Pebble (a community funded startup) I'm Watch, Sony's Smartwatch, Motorola's MOTOACTV. However, the biggest player in the game seems to be Apple with rumors abounding of a IOS watch boasting a flexible rounded display in their offering 'Apple iWatch'

2013 will definitely be the year of the smartwatch!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

1AVCenter The Ultimate Video Recorder

[ GIVE AWAY ] 1AVCenter, the ultimate audio video recorder, broadcaster, and remote surveillance
monitoring solution for FREE.

This time around PCWinSoft brings you an exciting offer: PCWinSoft is giving out for free copies of
1AVCenter, the video and audio broadcaster, recorder, secure file sharing software, and remote
surveillance monitor. The cost of 1AVCenter is $99.95 but in here it will cost you 0(zero) dollars. It is
100% free.

1AVCenter is a complete audio and video center. With 1AVCenter you can record, broadcast, and make
remote surveillance of any source of audio and video you got installed on your PC. 1AVCenter works
for only audio as well. What good is it if I can’t share it? Well, the produces of 1AVCenter also thought
about that and included a full web server with 128-bit encryption security for you to share your files
securely over the web. The connectivity does not stop there: 1AVCenter comes equipped with an e-mail
sender and an FTO client for you to send your files by e-mail or upload them via FTP to your own server.
Tucows rated 1AVCenter with 5 cows

As a recorder 1AVCenter can grab any content you can hear and see on your PC and record it to disk
on industry standard formats. Sources include: Desktop screen, video camera, webcam, IP camera, TV
tuner, device attached to TV tuner via S-video or Composite, video played inside web browsers, and let’s
not forget that 1AVCenter works with audio alone as well so you can use it to record your favorite songs
from the web.

As a broadcaster 1AVCenter can stream live and in real-time audio and video from your PC straight
to the Internet, all with a click of a button. 1AVCenter offers the user the ability to edit the broadcast
profiles to get the exact result necessary for a broadcast considering the audience bandwidth. If you are
using it inside a fast network then you can stream even movies in HD. If you are on a slow network then
you adjust your broadcast profile bit-rate to be able to attend your audience.

As a remote surveillance agent 1AVCenter is also incredible. It lets you do secure monitoring of your
webcam or desktop or IP camera, it remains completely hidden on the system on what is called its
stealth mode, mode in which it even hides itself on the Task Manager. The coolest feature is that from
anywhere in the World you have secure access to the video and audio you are monitoring live in real-
time, and you also get access to all the pictures taken by the motion detector, all in a slide show fashion
that makes it easy to surf through the images and find what you want.

You can set 1AVCenter to start when Windows starts, and it can also be scheduled to record or monitor

It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz
processor and 256mb of memory.

To receive your free copy of 1AVCenter simply register here:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPAM Me Not!

SPAM Me Not!

Spam, ahh, such a lovely thing to look forward to is it not? I'll bet if a poll was done about all things 'Internet' spam would be number one of the most hated list. Everyone gets it, everyone hates it, the question is how to deal with it. In many cases your email address is on a list.
That list was built either by someone scouring the internet and finding your email somewhere deep on a comment in a forum, or from a ebay purchase, or from a picture you shared somewhere years ago. Lists and email addresses are bought and sold as well by marketing companies, they are bought and sold by those that use 'questionable' methods to make money on the Internet)
Some feel that if you're dumb enough to fall for an internet scam, then hell yeah, They are going going to make a few bucks from you. Anyway, the point is your email address is on a list and you will never get it off that list because it's just too hard and time consuming to track it down.

SPAM Housekeeping
The simplest method is to create a filter that scans an email message for the word 'unsubscribe'. All email subscriptions are supposed to have a unsubscribe link within them, this can be used to filter out unwanted email subscriptions. You can then have those emails automatically marked as spam, or you can click the unsubscribe link within the email. The filter method is not perfect however and will often capture some good emails. 

The 'best' method is to simply stop using that email address and advise your contacts that you are using a new email address. Sort of like moving, however if you are like many of us, our primary email address is not easily abandoned. In other words, that is not an option. So what are we to do? One viable solution is to utilize a new unsubscribe feature in gmail that allows you to unsubscribe from emails lists. Gmail scans email messages for certain patterns and senders that it deems as a email list.
Gmail can automatically unsubscribe you from email subscriptions and other list. 

Going one step further are several 3rd party websites that use gmail's new feature, however they go a little further. 

Help is Here! makes managing your subscription list easy. Simply select the emails that are overloading your inbox, and we'll automatically unsubscribe you all at once. If you change your mind, there's always time to reselect a subscription. Plus your privacy is our top priority. We don't even peek at your personal emails (promise). faq

Unsubscribr makes things a little easier as long as you have Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, or AOL Mail. You simply type in your email address, grant permission to the unsubscribr, and it then scans and provides a link to unsubscribe. Unsubscribr doesn't have access to your email password as long as your email client supports it. The service is free, however it only scans up to five days of past mail. You can upgrade and pay a one-time fee of $2 to clean out 30 days worth of mail.

Last but not least is
Just install it in your email account, and any time you want to unsubscribe from a marketing email, you just hit the “Unsusbcribe” button and the service takes care of the rest.