Monday, February 25, 2013

Locking Down Facebook Graph Search

Locking Down Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is launching it's 'Graph Search', and just as 'Facebook Timeline', you need to take notice and respond. If you didn't make changes to your account privacy settings to coincide with Timeline, then you are going to be behind the proverbial 8 ball again.
This means your personal information is going to be public and open to anyone - unless you do something about it.

There are some simple steps to safely protect your information.

  1. Protect Future Facebook Posts
    This sets the default values of any post. (This included mobile device posts)
    This should be set to either 'only you' or 'friends'. Setting this to only you is the safest bet, but also means that no one will see it. You of course can change the settings of each individual post at the time of posting. This should be set to at least 'friends'.
  2. Protect Current Facebook Posts
    You can protect posts from this point onwards. Use the "Activity log" button on your Timeline to review all of your Likes, and remove anything you're not happy with.
  3. Protect Yourself from Facebook Friends
    To stop friends from tagging you and posting information or pictures that you may not want, the timeline review option allows for additional control over what others can and cannot post about you. This setting trickles down to facegook graph search settings.
    (Provided you have timeline review enabled)

    Note: There is some disconnect from actually being a 'complete facebook security solution', however. The Facebook activity log (explained here Activity Log ) is the absolute best location to approve and deny posts, tags and other information about you from being published.
Change these settings now and you'll be ready for graph search!