Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smart Watches - The Next Gotta Have Gadget

Watch for Smart Watches, The Next Gotta Have Gadget!

Lets first explain the concept of a smartwatch. A 'smart watch' is a relatively new innovation on the simple wrist watch. Essentially, a mini mobile phone (or so they aspire to be). The smart watch is primarily a standard watch that tells time, however, now it is evolving to act as an accessory to your smart phone. A primary function of the smartwatch (at this time) is to become a second screen for your smart phone. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to enhance your mobile phone. With it you can use the second screen to read email, SMS messages and control your multimedia library. Additional features may include access to your phone’s GPS to display a speedometer. Countless innovations are possible!

In the 80's there were calculator watches, and even TV watches such as Casio's C-80.

Seiko introduced the TV Watch

2012 brought a whole gamut of new smart watches and the promise of great things to 'watch' for.
The playing field has several players already, with Pebble (a community funded startup) I'm Watch, Sony's Smartwatch, Motorola's MOTOACTV. However, the biggest player in the game seems to be Apple with rumors abounding of a IOS watch boasting a flexible rounded display in their offering 'Apple iWatch'

2013 will definitely be the year of the smartwatch!