Monday, November 8, 2010

System Mechanic for PC Maintenance

System Mechanic for PC Maintenance

Leading Software for PC Maintenance, Optimization and Preventative Maintenance

New Features Of System Mechanic 10:

  • Whole Home Licensing: Gone is the 3 PC limit, now each license is valid on all PCs in your home. As Canadian households increasingly own more than 3 PCs, iolo is the first software company to offer a Whole Home License model.

  • Program Accelerator: Interdependent files that make up a program, initially aligned perfectly on a new PC, tend to drift apart with use and become scattered across the hard drive, impacting the speed at which programs launch and run. Program Accelerator™ uses patent-pending calibration technology to realign programs for the fastest possible access, quicker launching and more responsive performance. This is the first and only tool of its kind.
  • CRUDD Remover: An intelligent redundant software detection tool that detects and displays the redundant programs installed on a PC, rating their impact on performance and stability, and letting the user decide which ones to keep or remove.

System Mechanic has been used by more than 23 million users to fix, speed up, and maintain over 70 million computers worldwide. The software integrates more than 40 advanced PC performance tools and is designed for novice and expert users alike. With its industry-first Tune-up Definitions, which deliver weekly updates instructing the software how to resolve the latest causes of PC slowdowns, System Mechanic remains always up-to-date with a cutting-edge approach to keeping computers running like new. In addition to its popularity in Canada, the program regularly receives prestigious awards from analysts around the world, including Government Computer News’ (US) “Product of the Year” award in December 2009, PC Advisor’s (UK) “Product of the Year” and Chip magazine’s (India) “Test Center Recommended” awards in January 2010. Download a trial version here

Both the English and French-English bilingual versions of System Mechanic can be purchased for Can $49.95 in 885 retail locations across Canada, including Staples Canada, Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, Office Depot and Walmart, as well as online. The products, compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, can be used on up to three PCs, including netbooks, laptops and desktops.

System Mechanic is an award-winning PC tune-up suite designed to fix, speed up and maintain PCs so they run like new forever. Currently the #1 best selling PC tune-up product in the US, Canada, UK, France, and the Benelux region according to NPD and similar sources, System Mechanic® is used by more than 23 million consumers worldwide to keep nearly 70 million computers running at peak performance. As the only tune-up software to include iolo’s industry-first Tune-up Definitions, as well as its patent-pending ActiveCare® automatic maintenance technology, System Mechanic 9.5 represents a new, smarter approach to PC tune-up.