Monday, February 15, 2010

Software Search Agents?

Software Search Agents - The evolution of online software purchasing.

Looking to buy some Adobe software but have no idea where to look? That is a common problem for many of us when looking to purchase software. The big box stores very seldom have good pricing on software, mainly because they do not specialize in this area. Their prices are typically over inflated and very close to the manufacturers MSRP, and most do not offer reviews, or price comparisons. They are in the software design business, not in the sales business. They set the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) and have the retailers fight it out. The uneducated consumer ends up paying more, and the educated consumer ends up saving more.

One benefit to most big box stores is that you might get a price protection guarantee, or they might price match, but there are stipulations, and you will likely end up not getting the best price in the long run. Not to mention wasting your time, and gas running from store to store.

The answer is Often you may find good pricing on the internet through a search, but what guarantees you will get the best price? How about doing the research? Do you know what features you need, and how about customer reviews? What about the retailer's reputation and return policy?
You should consider using a search agent, (a search engine with so many features and options, it cannot be called a search)

Twenga offers a full product search, consumer review, and price comparison engine that will help you make the best informed decision. To give you an example of the search results, a search for the keyword Adobe on twenga resulted in;  'Twenga found 5981 products from 136 shops'

With this amount of research and pricing information available to you, there is no doubt you will find the best suited product and at the best price.