Saturday, February 20, 2010

Digital Everything Box for All Your Media

Digital Everything Box for All Your Media!

There has been a recent surge in portable media players, digital recording devices, and digital storage devices to offer consumers many choices for their multimedia requirements.

Portable media players are a great addition to any home theater, mobile (car) theater and portable multimedia enthusiasts. They allow you to take your entire media collection with you and are compatible with just about any playback device. They support usb drives, and memory sticks as well so you can fit the latest and greatest season 1 of House on a memory stick.

One unit in particular stands out from the rest - the DVR Digital Video Recorder, Music, Movie, Picture Player with External usb drive and Network Storage Device

This unit is a high definition media player and recorder offering 1080i output to your TV (or composite supported device.)

You can also connect this unit to your home network and share files, watch movies, play music and view photos. Best of all, it is compatible with any shared resource on your network. The player requires an additional laptop hard drive, however they are very inexpensive to buy, and easy to install. They even include the hard drive mounting screws.

In addition, it comes with a remote control, so you can really get comfortable in your easy chair! One more remote to add to your collection, but this one will be the king of all remotes.

Because this device contains it's own software, it doesn't need a computer to play back media files. You simply plug it into your tv or lcd and use the remote to select music, photos, movies etc. All your media is stored in the 2.5" laptop hard drive, and on portabler usb memory sticks.