Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pimpin On Your Facebook

No The term has nothing to do with pimping....It has to do with customizing your facebook profile to get away from the boring blue background and blocks. So Pimping in the sense of making your facebook profile look amazing!

The latest in customization utilities for facebook is not one of those common gift apps, nor a gaming application, or a prize, or any of the other annoying facebook applications that endlessly show up on your wall. This application lets you change your complete facebook profile in several ways. The application is called Chameleon Tom, and best of all, its' completely free!

The most common feature is the ability to change your facebook background. Chameleon Tom offers templates, and a collection of free backgrounds.

You can download it for free at
You can view some of the templates here 

If for any reason you want to revert back to the boring facebook blue, you can simply uninstall chameloentom here - they have provided a simple chameleontom uninstall utility.