Thursday, February 11, 2010

New mobile search engine called Gune

Handcase launches "Gune"mobile search engine

The Handcase launched its mobile search system, called Gune
Gune is a system of meta-search, ie it searches the other websites and generates a single page of results, optimized for small screen phones and smartphones. The websites consulted by the Gune are: Google and Bing.
Unlike the websites of traditional meta-search of the Internet that use the same principle, Gune is only mobile search, and results in a single page, are displayed in lists of ten results per search engine, and offers both the top as at the end of each page, the search box. "The goal here was to optimize the time of the User and aims to provide a superior experience with search." Explains Ricardo Garay, CEO Handcase.

Gune is available only in English, but the Handcase ensures that the versions in Portuguese and Spanish are underway. The Gune also offers a catalog of mobile websites, and invites all indicate mobile websites. "Gune is designed so that everyone could contribute to the directory, so who have, or know a website mobile, just visit the website for the PC and give your tip. Once checked and approved it goes to the directory." Ensures Garay. Mobile websites to indicate the link is

Offer too launchers for all mobile platforms in
What does the word Gune? Means Site in Basque language. My origin. Explains Ricardo Garay.

About Handcase
Handcase is a Brazilian software industry mobile. In 5 years and a portfolio of 360 products consolidated the position of largest software industry for Palm of the world. The products are in the hands of more than 2 million and three hundred and fifty thousand users in 80 countries. Over the first 100 to webOS software, Android and Symbian, plus hundreds of mobile content free for all mobile platforms.