Friday, February 5, 2010

Too Many Laptops, So Little Time!

Too Many Laptops, So Little Time!

As with consumer all consumer electronics, there are so many different brands and models, each with different features and prices. It's very difficult to know which one to select. The technology changes every week, and new features replace old ones just as fast.

A good starting point is to look at consumer reviews and feature comparisons. One might start with to help with these initial steps. Twenga offers a specific laptops portal that offers all these useful shopping tools. The next factor is price and a budget. Once you have a budget, the next factor is your personal features list. Think about what you need a laptop to do, what you will use it for, and finally what features are important to you.

Some important laptop features to consider are size, weight, battery life, screen size. These are all separate from the bells and whistles, but are just as important and will surely make a seemingly good decision a bad one when you actually start using your new laptop.

CPU, hard drive, memory, and the hardware components are equally important of course, and this is where one can really get lost when looking at the many different options. The best advice is to do some research!

- Write down your features wish list
- Set a price
- Read reviews and consumer opinion

Then Go Shopping!