Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dogs and cats are people too!

Further to my previous article on social networking sites for pets, Martin Tajur, the Co-founder of United Dogs and Cats Ltd. (or contacted me to share some interesting information about our fine fur bearing friends.

Martin says "We just think there is way too many social networking websites for humans out there. Think of MySpace, Facebook, orkut, hi5 and all the others — there's just so many of them!" the company says. "Now we've done the same thing for dogs and cats."

"The future of pet social networking seems bright. There are big opportunities, because the market share of the biggest competitor, Dogster (note: also a catster site) reaches only up to 1%. That means out of all the people who have an internet connection and a dog, only 1% are using Dogster. "So there's a lot we can do better than Dogster does," the team says.

In my initial posting about mydogspace and mycatspace, I quickly soon learned that there are several social networking sites for pets. I'll bet there are more that cats and gods too! Once again, here is a list of the sites I've mentioned: