Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fix my computer for free!

There are many resources to solve computer problems, most of them come in the form of software, like tune up utilities, registry cleaners, system optimizers and similar. Those programs are great when you are looking to repair those types of problems, however, where do you turn when those programs don’t do the trick?

Most of us have a computer friend, or a friend of a friend that fixes computers. The friendly neighborhood computer guy to the rescue! They usually come with a price. They are experienced, so they should be paid for their work, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay cash. Bartering works great and so does trading. After all, any one of us (including the computer guy) - only have so many favors in them! It gets tedious and bothersome after a few years. It's great when you are starting out, because it helps you learn and hone your troubleshooting skills, but if you are an IT professional (aka computer guy) and work in IT all day, the last thing you want is to fix computers after work.

That doesn’t help those that need their computer guy now does it? How about calling Microsoft, they are happy to help, just have your credit card ready. Yes, you heard right. Even though you purchased Vista, and are entitled to support, the problem you are experiencing is out of the supported scope. You problem is NOT microsoft's problem. The Microsoft tech advised you to contact the vendor did he not? Problem is, the vendor is a big box store and they have no support department - or if they do, you're not leaving your computer there! Where do you run to now? Maybe you computer guy wasn't so wrong in asking for $75 an hour now was he?

In any event, if you decide to take matters into your own hands, there is help! Local computer support groups - Computers Anonymous - will help you rid yourself of that pesky and life altering burden - Just Kidding!

You do have choices for computer support - really! Try some of these suggestions - Yahoo! Answers, Live QnA, Fixya. If you need more, google has more than I can list!