Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Myspace gone to the dogs, and cats too!

Everyday there is a new Internet startup. That's the beauty of the Internet and technology, it never gets stagnant. It always changes - not always in the best way, but regardless, it's always fresh.

Of recent months social networking websites facebook, and myspace have taken the media spotlight. Anything and everything being launched, developed and released is either to accompany, augment, improve, integrate or replace facebook, and myspace.

For those that don’t know what these websites are or can do, just think of it as a town hall. It's a place to build personal networks, meet new people, share music, pictures, experiences, stories, messages, ideas, business contacts, calendars. Anything at all can be advertised, announced, promoted, etc.

Well, now we've got some new additions to the myspace world, however these aren’t your usual myspace add-ons, layouts, backgrounds, or tools. These are for your pets!

myspace pet spaces - or more specifically, myspace dogs and cats!

- Community Network for Dogs

With MyDogSpace you can share your dog pictures, write blog posts about dogs and communicate with other dog lovers, all in a very lovely community.

And not to be outdone…

- A Place for Cats
MyCatSpace is a site for all cats and cat lovers. It's a new place for a cat community! There are many social communities for people - it is about time that cats have their own place on the internet too. A place to let the world know that Cats are IT.

It's all going to the dogs!.. and cats!