Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Social networking with!

Previously, I talked about using the power of social networking through social bookmarking to promote and market your band. This is essentially using the power of the people to spread the word about your band, music and any upcoming gigs. Sites like mister-wong, technorati,, digg and reddit are great ways to utilize free marketing! Nothing beats word of mouth advertising. myspace, facebook and youtube all gained popularity from the general public. The newest player in the social networking is a site - or rather a service called eventful

Eventful caters to the masses, however on a completely different - yet simple - premise. Announce your events, let everyone "demand" Demanding breaks down into categories;

For Fans;

Eventful Demand gives you the power to "Demand" events near you!
Performers schedule their tours to go where they are most in Demand.
Compete against other cities to Demand a performance near you.

Fans have the option to:
search for demands nearest them
find the hottest demands
start a new demand - This is where you band can most benefit from this service. Try gathering all your friends and family to demand your band!

For Performers;

Plan your tours where you are most in Demand.
Engage your fans and grow your fan base by giving them the power to make events happen.
Create competition among fans in different cities, universities, and countries.
Pre-sell tickets to fans who have Demanded you.
Get reliable data with Eventful's real-time audit and security systems.