Monday, July 23, 2007

Access your files anytime anywhere! Size Doesn't matter!

How many times have you sent file to someone only to have it returned by their mail server as being over quota. You've just got to-have to-absolutely- must- get those files delivered! Problem is they are too big for email and you don’t have anywhere else to put them. Have no fear, online file storage is here.

Previous incarnations of online file storage meant you had a limit of 5mb storage, or maybe 10mb web space. Most ISP's offer a shell account for your files but accessing them meant either using FTP, or publishing them to the web space your ISP provides.

A previous post offers a list of the top ten online file storage websites. Keeping with that topic, there are some new players on the scene:

driveway - Size Really does Matter
DriveWay allows you to select files to park - 500 MB max for each upload, unlimited total storage, no download limits. Also, create multi-user capable editable links for your office documents for collaborative sharing using Driveway’s patent pending edit widgets technology. You can now edit shared documents with a single click from desktop instead of traditional method of saving it to your local computer and emailing it back.

Send6 - Send Large Files. Professionally
SEND6 is a professional service for fast and reliable file delivery on the Internet. SEND6 solves typical problems with sending large digital files online including:
- Size limitations when sending or receiving email attachments
- Complicated FTP setup and account management
- Blocked transfers through Firewalls, Routers, or NATs
- No tracking to guarantee delivery of critical files
SEND6 also provides a private label business solution that allows companies to easily integrate a custom branded file delivery service into their company website.