Monday, July 16, 2007

Social bookmarking for everyone!

There are many utilities and programs available that allow you to take your work with you. You can store your files on portable drives, portable memory stick and usb keys or even on websites such as box and google's gmail. Great, fine and dandy; what about your bookmarks and favorite websites? Have no fear, bookmarks have not been forgotten!

Essentially, your bookmarks are stored in a single file on your computer. Internet explorer and Firefox both use a file called bookmark.htm to store and retrieve bookmarks. Both browsersalso have an import and export utility as well.

Importing and exporting bookmarks with Internet explorer:
Click File, Import and export, next. You then have the option to import and export favorites, and your cookies.

Importing and exporting bookmarks with Firefox;
Click Bookmarks on the file menu, organize bookmarks, (a new window will open) click on File menu in that window, and select import or export bookmarks.

Aside from storing a bookmark file on your computer, you can also store that same bookmark file on a usb memory stick, or a portable drive. There are also several browser add-ons for storing your bookmarks on the internet itself.

The newest twist to bookmarking is storing them on the internet itself, although this is sort of confusing as it requires you to access the internet to access your bookmarks, but at least you only have to remember one master bookmark address. It makes your bookmarks portable and accessible from any computer.

Following in the footsteps of myspace, facebook, and youtube, bookmarking has become quite popular and has evolved into a new generation of bookmarking called social bookmarking. Essentially, for those that like to share their bookmarks, and to see what others are bookmarking. There are dozen' of sites for social bookmarking, such as, Reddit, Mister-wong, Technorati, Digg, google bookmarks, yahoo bookmarks, and Windows Live favorites