Wednesday, July 11, 2007

online file converters for youtube video!

If you’ve ever needed to upload your music or videos to a website, or send them elsewhere, chances are you’ve experienced one of the following annoynances:

- file size too large
5mb typically is the limit for email, and most audio related websites like have the files under 5mb

- file type not supported
an mp3 file can be one of several formats ( different bit rates, sampling frequency, encoder, decoder etc. )

- audio\video format not supported
you only have your song or movie in one format and the website needs it in another (avi, mpg, mp4 etc.)

Aside from the file size issue, making your music and video files compatible with all computers is nearly impossible. Mp3 files alone have several formats, even though you only see the file name and type a an Mp3. The same can be said about video files. Youtube and other video sharing sites require particular file formats. In most cases youtube will convert them for use after you upload them, however it is common to have your video upload rejected even before conversion. When this happens, you havew to convert the file to another format prior to uploading.

That is where the website zamzar comes in. The process is simple; upload your file, specify what format that zamzar should convert it into, zamzar will email you a download link. Not.

The supported file types are frequently updated. They have recently added the ability to convert a youtube video directly from the youtube URL.

The trick for musicians - best quality picture and sound with the smallest file size. You may not find the absolute best conversion options here, but it will definitely help you convert those large wav files into somethign a little more internet friendly!