Thursday, March 17, 2011

Limewire Addicts Have Alternatives

With the recent court ruling on Linewire's lawsuit, Limewire has been ordered to close it doors. This means that the millions of Limewire addicts are out in the cold right? Nope, there are always alternatives. You just have to look for them. Torrents are still hugely popular, and P2P as well, however there are some new file sharing kids on the block that deserve a look.

TV Trigger

TVTrigger is like TV Guide for your computer. TVTrigger keeps you up to date on your favorite shows, and has a built in TV Guide. It can automatically find and downloaded the latest torrent of your favorite TV show as soon as it's released.

Usenet - This is the best source for everything - music, movies, games, ebooks etc. Everything is here, however usenet is not user friendly as Limewire or other P2P programs are. Nor is it free, however the benefits are undeniable. Ever ask a friend if they had a particular song, or movie, only to find out they don't? maybe you really wanted to find that certain album, so you had all your friends ask their friends? Only to come up empty? How about that one friend that seems to have everything. Wonder where or how he does it? My money is on usenet!

Put simply, usenet is a unmoderated service on the internet (it's actually older than the internet) that is completely open and public. It's free for the most part, but not with any of the really good newsgroups.

Usenet is often called newsgroups because it is organized into groups and threads. Newsgroups are the topics we all want - movies, music, software, games, applications, video games, ebooks, pictures and so on. Everything organized into groups. These groups are populated and updated by the public. You and i can comment, upload pictures, movies, games and share them with everyone. We can request anything we want as well. Put simply, of course, there are some requirements to be able to participate in newsgroups.

You will require a newsreader program and a newsgroup server. Once you get started, you'll soon realize what you have available to you. It's highly addictive - because once you know how to look, you can get anything you want! Once you reach this point, you'll likely be thinkign about purchasing a premium newsgroup account.