Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Firefox 4 is Official

Firefox 4 is Official!

Firefox 4 is finally out of beta and is here. Those that have shed Microsoft's Internet Explorer could care less about the new internet explorer 9, but our IE9 review is a good read for anyone that is curious about IE9's features and enhancements.  Cut to the point - Download Firefox 4

Firefox 4 Speed

Firefox 4 boasts increased speed, which in various speed tests is up to 6 times faster than its predecessors. It also promises faster graphics, faster load up times, and a new javascript engine called J├Ągermonkey.

Firefox 4's new minimalistic interface is great for netbooks and smaller screens, allowing more viewing space. tabs are moved to the top, menus can be combined into a single button, and navigation buttons are now located in the browser address bar. 

Firefox Tabs are organized visually, using task based organization - either by task, or to do list. You can now "pin" tabs which sends a tab to the left side of your tab bar as a tiny, favicon-only. You can also search for any open tab in Firefox's address bar and switch to that tab.

Firefox Synch integrates synchronization of your passwords, bookmarks, history, and open tabs. When you get a new computer or do a reinstall, you don't have to setup Firefox all over again. With firefox synch, all your preferences will be immediately synced and easily retrieved. 

Firefox also has some othe rimprovements, to name a few, including;

  • 'WebM' video format offering full hardware acceleration (better graphics)
  • Plugin 'safe mode' offering increased crash protection
  • Extra privacy protection
  • Increased HTML5 and CSS3 support