Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How To remove Copyright Violation Notice

How To Remove Copyright Violation Notice

There is a common misconception in this malware\rogueware\scareware program.
Most tutorials on the internet are calling this program by the name IQmanager, and although this may be true in many cases, it also goes by the name "ApManager" and displays an icon on your desktop.

The malware\rogueware\scareware 'Copyright Violation Notice' is a particularly difficult annoyance to remove because it renders your task manager, and start menu inoperable. This you cannot end the process, or even access your start menu to find out the process name.

Fortunately, I have devised an alternate removal method.

Before you start, you will need these tools:
1) Sysinternals suite from Microsoft Here
(You can also run sysinternals directly from the web)

2) Download Malware Bytes Anti malware demo, or purchase from the link

Once you have downloaded these programs, the next step is to gain access to your computer to run these programs.

That is simple:
1) Disconnect from the internet
2) Follow the link on the bottom left corner (icpp-online) its a fake website and a fake company, however, you simply need to have your web browser open. It will timeout and not be able to load a web page. That is what we want.

Now, navigate to the address bar and enter your c:\ drive.
 Browse your hard drive until you find the downloaded process explorer Suite. Unzip it and run procexp.exe. navigate through the running processes and kill the process called apmanager.

This will close the Copyright Violation Alert, then you can run anti malware bytes to scan and clean your system. you must immediately reboot when prompted though, otherwise, you risk running apmanager again and reinfecting your system. Some scareware programs will relaunch when triggered by another program, or after a set interval. Once you reboot, you will remove these possibilities as well.