Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Avoiding XP AntiVirus Pro 2010

Avoiding XP AntiVirus Pro 2010

Not only should you be aware of the many rogue malware programs claiming to have found infections on your computer, but you should also be aware of how they operate, and how you yourself are responsible for infecting your pc. With a simple click, you are invoking the program. By closing the program - you are actually installing it and invoking it.

The programs resemble the image below, although they may have many different names. They are all essentially the same;

XP Internet Security 2010
XP Guardian
XP AntiSpyware 2010
XP Antivirus Pro
Antivirus XP 2010
XP Smart security 2010
XP Defender Pro
Total XP Security 

Uninstalling these malware programs has been discussed in these posts:


Protecting Yourself From The Installation is as simple as closing the application, however you cannot close it by clicking the X in the top right corner.

If you see anything like the image box (above):

Immediately press ALT + F4 (hold down ALT, then press F4)
This will close the application without invoking it.

Do Not Click ANYTHING or anywhere in the popup box.
(not even the X to close it)
The entire box itself is simply the method to install the program.
Although it appears to be a fully functional application, it is in fact waiting for you to click it.

The best method to uninstalling these is to purchase malwareBytes Antimalware Pro