Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is the Windows Registry?

What is the Windows Registry?

No, it is not a secret Microsoft database that stores and records all your personal information. There is actually nothing malicious about it!

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No doubt you've heard the term many times, since Windows 3.x. A registry typically does exactly what is is supposed to do, no tricks, secrets. It is a registry like any other, only this registry handles every setting and preference on your computer.

Everything is controlled, stored and documented in the windows registry, from your desktop wallpaper to your hard drive serial number - all of it contained in one file. Beware - the registry can become corrupt or damaged just like any other file on your hard drive.

Registry errors and corruption can be caused by improper shut down of the pc, a hard drive read error, or a bad sector on the hard drive. Many- if not most of these are coindendental causes, through no fault of the pc user at all. The question is, what can you do to prevent registry corruption or damage.

The first tip - Backup backup backup! One cannot stress this enough. THE absolute most important and smartest thing you can do is to backup your data. The registry itself is backed up by windows and stpored on the hard drive, but this does you little good if the pc cannot boot. Windows includes some utilities to backup the registry but they often fall short of the mark. That is why most of us rely on 3rd party utilities to go beyond the basic tools included by windows.

For registry errors and corruption, windows also routinely checks and repairs the registry. In most cases, windows will repair registry corruption automatically. Windows registry repair occurs on bootup and really does it's job just fine.

The best part about the registry - optimizing, tweaking and customizing it! In particular 3rd party products used for registry optimization, cleaning and maintenance are where the advanced tools come into play. CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities, and Registry Medic are among some of the many registry optimization products available. Registrycleanerz also offers some additional documentation and information about the windows registry

Benefits of Registry Optimization;
- drastically increase PC performance
- revive a slow computer
- aid in removal of viruses, malware and spyware

It is one of the most important and beneficial tasks that should be routinely performed on the pc and should be considered a critical part of your pc. treat it as such!