Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Turn Excel Sheets into Embeddable Graphics

Turn Excel Sheets into Embeddable Graphics

Visualize and share your data. Now you can without needing to be tech-savvy or more than just a few clicks.

Christy Simmons

June, 2008

A New Concept in Sharing Information

There are various times when an excel spreadsheet would be far more beneficial in a visual. More times however, when an excel sheet would be beneficial in a visual that can be easily shared on iGoogle, blogs, social networks, corporate websites, and even more.

Utilizing the newest Web 2.0 technology, Widgenie offers excel users a new way to share their updated data visually in just three steps. Upload, create, and share!

Widgenie was recently launched to provide business intelligence functionality to end users in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This service is great for business users in any department, or any excel user for that matter. These widgets could be used by:

* a marketing rep that needs to share sales figures without waiting for IT

* a PR firm that wants to share latest publicity figures with their client

* a campaign manager wanting to post the latest election results

* even an avid blogger wanting to bring their poll results to life.

How Widgenie Works

This service will now allow excel users to display only the columns and fields of data they want to see, as well as see the changes that dragging and dropping certain information makes. This service previews your layout with every change you make, until you decide the way your data is visualized is perfect for you.

It’s also easy to re-upload your data if you change your spreadsheet, so all of your personalized widgets have the most current information you have to offer.

Another great feature Widgenie has is its statistics page where you can track how viewed your widgets are, daily and monthly, as well as by site. This page allows the creator to see exactly how many times each of your widgets has been viewed, and exactly how many unique visitors are viewing them. Those numbers are also made into unique widgets! So you can tell how many visitors you have and see it too.

After you create and personalize your widget, you have available icons which make embedding your new visual into certain websites easy. Widgenie had icons that will with once click, embed into www.Blogger .com and iGoogle, as well as offer you a JavaScript code which you can easily paste into anyone of your websites. If you decide you’d rather just give your widget page, Widgenie also offers you a URL that will automatically take you to your graphic. Others can also conveniently add your widgets to their own page when they view.

Widgenie also keeps an organized Widget list of all your visuals, along with the files they came from, their name, description, date created, most recent modified date, and the option to delete from your growing list. You can also create various types of graphs with the same file.

Partnership Opportunities

Widgenie is also currently looking for other companies to get involved with this great new product. There are partnership availabilities for organizations that have proprietary data that they would like to share and monetize as well as Web 2.0 companies with online communities or services that would benefit from this enhanced functionality.

Partners of Widgenie would obviously benefit as well, from increased exposure of their own data and sites, as well as the enterprise-level business intelligence Widgenie will enable their users and/or employees to use. This will all lead to innovative new revenue generating opportunities. An easy to use site where you can turn your excel data into great, sharable visuals.