Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Click Transforms Your Windows Desktop

The Skins Factory Unleashes Hyperdesk™

One Click Transforms Your Windows Desktop’s Appearance Into A World Full of Exciting Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and Widgets

COOPER CITY, FL. – (July 30, 2008) – The Skins Factory, one of the world's premier service providers for truly innovative user interface design, announces their official launch of Hyperdesk. Hyperdesk is an exciting new product from The Skins Factory that allows users worldwide to transform the appearance of the regular Windows desktop, with an endless array of exciting new themes, skins, wallpapers, iTunes & Windows Media Player 11 audio widgets and other applications created by the top designers at The Skins Factory.

Themes range from Disney’s It’s a Magical World, Disney•Pixar's WALL-E, The Skins Factory’s own DarkMatter Trilogy™ to The Sony Ericsson Onyx Series and more. The desktop themes known as “hypersuites” are now available for the retail price of $9.95 to $14.95 at

The Skins Factory will also continue to offer their own brand of hypersuites and are currently forging relationships with some of the world’s best known properties.

Hyperdesk uses Microsoft's own skinning engine to apply the Windows themes. The Skins Factory’s application technology allows the Hyperdesk changes to be completely reversible – just as it takes a single button to make the magic happen, a single click will return you to your default Windows desktop. Hyperdesk’s main application was originally coded by ArizonaBay.

“These works of art have been meticulously designed by some of the world's most talented commercial interface artists and the results are stunning. We’re utilizing the same attention to detail and flawless execution we’ve become known for throughout the industry” says The Skins Factory CEO Jeff Schader. Schader further states that “Users will be delighted when they fire up a hypersuite and immerse themselves in what we’ve created. Our passion for interface design really shines through every aspect of the user experience. The response to the work so far has been phenomenal”.

Hyperdesk currently runs in Windows XP with Windows Vista compatibility coming soon. For more information visit

Disney Themes:

Disney’s It’s a Magical World Hypersuite

Enchant your Windows Desktop

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Disney with this enchanting bundle of seven Windows XP desktop themes. You and your family will be delighted when your favorite Disney characters come to life on your Windows XP desktop with the Disney Desktop for Windows. This ground-breaking release features powerful new software allowing you to transform your entire user experience with a single click. Experience seven multi-colored hyperthemes, dozens of beautifully-rendered icons, and a variety of custom wallpapers that include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. For media playback there is also Windows Media Player 11 video skin and a dual-platform Yahoo! audio remote widget* for iTunes & Windows Media Player 11 bundled with the package.

Available for $14.95 at
*You will need to download the free application, Yahoo! Widgets to use the audio remote.

Disney/Pixar's WALL-E Hypersuite – Coming this Fall!

Bring the adventure home to your desktop

The Skins Factory is proud to present the Disney•Pixar WALL•E Windows XP desktop theme. Now you can bring the delightful styles of WALL•E and EVE from this modern masterpiece directly to your Windows XP desktop.

The Hypersuite features: 2 stylized hyperthemes based on WALL•E and EVE (and 2 variant editions), 2 sets of amazing desktop icons, wallpapers featuring both scenes from the movie and exciting new artwork, a Windows Media Player 11 video skin for each style, and a super-cool hybrid audio remote widget* that controls both iTunes and Windows Media Player 11.

Available for $14.95 at –Fall 2008
*You will need to download the free application, Yahoo! Widgets to use the audio remote.

The DarkMatter Trilogy™ of Hypersuites

A Galactically cool way to enhance your desktop appearance

From the artists who created Alienware’s phenomenally popular desktop themes (Invader, ALXMorph, Darkstar, Superman, Star Wars & others) comes a fresh invasion of galactically cool desktops - introducing The DarkMatter Trilogy. Three ultra slick hypersuites designed to completely transform your Windows XP desktop environment into a super-futuristic, hi-tech experience.

Each hypersuite contains 2 distinct hyperthemes in both dark matter and silver alloy styles, a hybrid audio remote Yahoo! Widget* for both iTunes and Windows Media Player 11 featuring mind-blowing animations that have to be seen to be believed, a futuristic icon set that includes 6 different folder sets, a sleek Windows Media Player 11 skin for both video and audio, and an amazing otherworldly high-resolution wallpaper.

Available for $9.95/$19.95 at
*You will need to download the free application, Yahoo! Widgets to use the audio remote.

About Skins Factory:
Founded in 2000, The Skins Factory is one of the world’s most sought-after user interface design studios. With a loyal client-base comprised of Fortune 500 companies, The Skins Factory has become the de-facto user interface provider to the giants of the technology and entertainment industries - Microsoft, Warner Bros., HP, Yahoo! and many others. Through a potent combination of conceptual innovation and pixel-perfect attention-to-detail, they continue to attract industry heavyweights and delight tens of millions of end-users worldwide.

The Skins Factory’s services include: application user interface design, brand identity creation, icon development, promotional skin development and Windows desktop theme design. For more information: or call 954.252.1786.

About HyperDesk:

Hyperdesk is an exciting new platform from the talented design team at The Skins Factory which allows users worldwide to transform the appearance of their regular Windows desktop and immerse themselves in an entirely new user experience. Comprised of both licensed and original content, a “hypersuite” delivers an endless array of vibrant new themes, skins, wallpapers, widgets and other applications directly to the desktop with a single click.

By utilizing Microsoft's own skinning engine, Hyperdesk presents the user with a “native” way to theme Windows XP. Because the magic of Hyperdesk occurs entirely in memory, the user’s system files are never touched or replaced. And just as it takes a single click to make the magic happen, so will a single click revert the user’s desktop back to the Windows XP default environment. For more information: or call 954.252.1786.