Monday, June 2, 2008

Sib Icon Editor Goes Free!

Icon Editor Goes Free!

Sib Icon Editor is a fast and lightweight image editing tool designed for creating and editing icons, toolbars, navigation buttons, small
logotypes and similar graphics. Fitting the niche between simplistic Windows Paint and almighty Adobe Photoshop, Sib Icon Editor offers
small-graphics designers a way to unleash creativity without the steep learning curve. Having just enough painting tools available for
creating images detailed by the pixel, Sib Icon Editor is small, light and blazing fast on any PC.

Sib Icon Editor supports icons, toolbars, logos and other graphics of any size, color depth or aspect ratio. Both 16 and 256-color images are supported, while 32-bit graphics gets alpha-channel support for creating images with no edge jaggedness. The alpha-channel comes handy when adding semi-transparent shadows that look extremely effective on
Windows XP and Vista.

Sib Icon Editor allows creating great-looking images with minimum learning. Having just the right number of painting tools, Sib Icon Editor offers a choice between a number of pens, sprays and paintbrushes. There is the usual bucket tool for filling the void, and there are gradients and chess fills to quickly achieve desired effects.

Adding shadows or making highlighted or disabled versions of the same icon are easy if you use Sib Icon Editor. It only takes a few clicks to add a translucent or opaque shadow, modify opacity, colors, and gamma. Disabled icons are typically grayscale, so there is a tool for that as well. Tools for smoothing, inverting and colorizing images are also available. The resulting image can be saved in ICO, ICPR, BMP, JPEG or PNG formats. Sib Icon Editor can also convert Mac icons into
Windows format.

Sib Icon Editor offers a variety of features to effectively manage your icons. Supporting the ICL format for icon libraries and collections of icons, Sib Icon Editor makes it easy to organize and
store your icons with no clutter.