Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Data Recovery 2.0! The Next Generation of Data Recovery

Data Recovery 2.0! The Next Generation of Data Recovery

Unbelievably, less than 10% of all computer users actually have a backup of their hard drives. With the price of hard drives continually falling, one can easily get a 500Gb hard drive for less than .25 on the Gigabyte. Yet the lack of backup trend continues.

Hard drives are mechanical, which means they can fail, and they do. Furthermore, hard drive data encoding is done using magnetic media. This fact alone should send off warning signals and alarms. think of the cassette tape and how easily it can be erased simply by placing it in proximity to a speaker, or a magnet. Have any cassette tapes stored away for a few years? Dig them out and see if they still have anything on them, I'll bet they don't.

Data loss is painful, speaking from experience. I still have hard drives with data on them that I cannot retrieve. The only option remaining for me is to purchase the services of a data recovery company, and trust me, I have exhausted every available option - I have used every piece of data recovery software available, and I have even replaced circuit boards in the drives with no success.

There are many companies that offer data recovery services for the consumer and datachasers for example, offer these types of services. of these companies few can recovery data that other companies deem unrecoverable.

Datachasers does Computer Forensics and specialty data recovery services. This is a completely different type of service than most, they call it e-discovery. Corporations, attorneys, the court systems and law enforcement agencies use forensic computer type data recovery services. One can imagine how valuable this service can be when trying to prove a case in the courts! Millions of dollars can hang in the balance - lets say in a copyright or trademark case, or a criminal investigation. regardless of lost, or deleted files, this computer forensic focus approach gets the job done.

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