Thursday, March 6, 2008

A great resource for pc memory!

Computer memory resources - great prices and parts availability

Try finding memory these days for your laptop, desktop, or pda. Not only are you overwhelmed by a myriad of choices, but also bombarded huge pricing differences. Take Computer Memory for example, there are so many types, and types within types. What type do you need?

The frist step is to identify your requirements. The best method is to use a system tool to analzye your memory type, and speed. You may try a program free utility called cpu-z. ( searhc the major search engines for this free utility) This will identify all the parameters of your memory. This is of course should be used in conjunction with your user manual or computer manufacturer's website.

For most of us, the process of finding memory is painful, to get a deal on computer memory
you can search the database at and find the best price for your computer.

The database will let you price the best computer memory deal, and even arrange shipping.

You should also note that the memory is the very same memory used by all the larger companies, it is just priced differently from the major OEM's.

The OEM' s sell fully built computers, so their pricing is competitive in that respect, however their upgrades and accessories are often not. offers the same low pricing on their memory, becaue they purchase and sell in large quantities, thus passing the savings to you.