Friday, March 7, 2008

The First Visual Search Engine!

Search is the most valuable part of the internet. So why does it still look like the first versions of the internet browser? text, text, and more text.... argh!

The field of Search is years behind where it should be, as it hasn't fundamentally changed in more than a decade. Search results may have improved a bit, however people search in literally the same way they did in 1995.

With this lack of innovation, results have essentially become a commodity. ManagedQ capitalizes on this fact to transform Search as we know it from a command-line driven database query to an elegantly-designed Application which can be endlessly improved and optimized to add increasing value to the entire Search Experience.

With a highly visual interface and Natural Language, Processing algorithms that instantly identify the key Ideas (People, Places, and Things) related to a Search query, ManagedQ uses Google to provide the same high-quality Results to which people are accustomed.

The real power of ManagedQ kicks in with the ability to explore your Results without leaving the Results page. With traditional Search engines, you enter a query and ten or so text results are spewed back at you. From there on out, you're on your own. You have little idea which of the Results (if any) holds the information you're looking for, which can result in quite a bit of back-and-forth as you try out different Results.

Aside from visual previews of the Results pages that help you identify what's on the other side of the link, ManagedQ lets you instantly Search through you Results to find what you're looking for. This Instant Find feature allows a user to find any piece of text in the Result set simply by typing. Mousing over the Ideas performs a similar function, highlighting both full and partial matches in the Result set.

The end result is an entirely novel and compelling Search Experience, guiding the user by identifying relevant content and visually facilitating the "ah-ha" moment of discovery.

ManagedQ is currently working to organically grow and develop a user community as well as continue to overhaul the Search Experience. Initiatives such as the Conversion Kit are integral to this effort.

ManagedQ is a startup to track in 2008.