Monday, November 19, 2007

N49 gives away iPhones to Canadians

N49 gives away iPhones to Canadians

    TORONTO, Nov. 14 /CNW/ - N49 has launched an all-Canadian platform for local search and business reviews. - part business directory, part
online community, and entirely democratic, n49 local listings are displayed in an order determined by how popular a business is with members.
In an effort to encourage Canadians to begin writing local business reviews, the company will award one iPhone per week for the featured review of
the week. Photos and even video can be added to enhance the reviews.
The company's president, Rick Silver, estimates that Canadians are at least a year or two behind their American counterparts. "Online business
reviews," Silver notes, "are becoming an increasingly used resource for Americans searching for local businesses." He encourages Canadian small
businesses to send their customers online to write reviews. Businesses in major US cities, such as Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago, often have
hundreds of consumer reviews on similar directories. "think of it as word-of-mouth advertising," Silver says, "and it is one of the most trusted
ways of getting your message out."

The proliferation of online reviews clearly changes the game for local
merchants. "It's no longer about the plumber with the biggest ad or the one at the top of Google. It will be the local merchant or service provider with the
best online reputation," added Silver. To further encourage consumers to rate and review local companies, n49
has also announced it will be running with DONATION DOLLARS until the end of 2008. With this innovative program n49 will donate one dollar to charity for
each and every qualifying business review written. Members can even select from a list of 25 Charities that will receive the dollars for their reviews.
"Our goal is to donate $100,000 to charity between December 2007 and December 2008," said Silver.

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Detailed information about the iPhone contest, Donation Dollars, and free business websites can be found at

About n49: N49 Interactive Inc. is a Toronto based Internet media company that has been working with Canadian small and medium-sized businesses since
2001. In addition to the new network, N49 operates other business directories in the home improvement and wedding and event industries. All
company portals are supported by a backbone of thousands of generic domain names, such as, and