Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Embedding images in gmail

If you belong to an online group such as yahoo, or msn communities, adding images to your group emails was difficult to do with your regular email program. Typically, you would either use the email program within that group. If the image you wanted to share was not on the internet, you had little options to attach it. Most of the communities have changed to allow easier image sharing, however with gmail, it still poses a problem.

This tutorial makes it possible to embed images in your gmail emails with only a few steps.

1) Open the Gmail web page and login to your account

2) Navigate to the top left of your screen, and look for the Documents link

3) Click on Documents to open a new window called Google Docs

You are now working inside oif the Google Doc interface. All menu selections are now to be done within the google Docs interface. Not your web browser menu bar.

Click on New (inside Google Docs), a pull down window will appear. Select Document from the list

5) Click Insert; and a Menu will open with this window

6) Click on Image in the horizontal menu; the Insert Image dialog box will appear

7) Click on browse and look for the image on your computer or from a web URL

8) Select the image, and select open; browse to the image, or paste the url of the image

9) Click on the insert image button at the bottom of the dialogue box

10) The image will appear in the body of the blank document.

11) Copy the image (CTRL + A or right mouse click, and select copy, or CTRL + C)

12) Return to gmail and compose an email. In the body of the email, paste ( CTRL +V) and your image will appear.

You may save some time by in
serting all your images in the Google Docs process, and paste them all at once into your blank email, you can always move them and arrange them later.