Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stream TV To Anything!

Stream TV To Anything!

Hauppage's Broadway (MSRP $199 USD) lets you stream TV to any device. This includes all apple iOS devices, and even Android devices (anything that can use flash) All you need is a web compatible device that can open a web page. Hauppauge is a leader in TV gadget technology, and has been around since 1992, so they always have something on the 'must have' list! This is no exception!

All that is required to use Broadway is a cable TV or satellite feed and an internet connection. Hauppage's Broadway connects to your TV's signal first, then through Broadway, it converts the TV signal to wireless for reception by your device(s). Once connected via Ethernet, simply visit the configuration website and start the process.

Simplified, the Broadway device lets you watch anything you can watch on TV - on a portable device. Additionally, you can watch anything anywhere, using WiFi and an internet connection. From a hotel room, a coffee shop, or via mobile device. Broadway determines the type of device it is sending video to, and changes the video format depending on the device type.

The Broadway device also contains a TV tuner that supports cable\satellite set top boxes, ATSC 'over-the-air' TV signals, and unencrypted digital cable TV (clear QAM). Cable TV\satellite set top boxes connect to Broadway audio\video send and then controlled from your Apple\mobile device. You then have full control of the TV channel selected on the set top box via Broadway's "IR-blaster" technology. 

Broadway offers high definition H.264 video encoding which converts your TV signal into a compatible format for Apple, Android or PC and Mac. All that is needed is an internet connection and a web browser (Safari, chrome, firefox or IE)

Setting up Broadway is as easy as this;
  • Connect your TV source to Broadway: cable TV or satellite set top box, antenna or TV coax cable
  • Connect Broadway to your home router (Wi-Fi or wired)
  • Open a browser on your Apple device and type in http://distan.tv
Broadway's distan.tv server makes the setup of Broadway a snap! You can now scan for TV channels and set up an Internet connection to your Broadway device. If you have problems, you can even use their install guide.