Thursday, July 7, 2011

Safe Surfing for ipad and PC

Safe Surfing for ipad and PC!

Once in a while someone gets it right! And in this case, it's not just an average piece of software, or utility we're talking about. This time its about making the internet safe for children, and a DEFINITE must have software! The company is called mobicip.

 Mobicip is designed to provide a safe, secure and educational Internet for families and school-age children. It is based on the same path-breaking dynamic cloud content filtering engine as our award-winning solution for iOS devices. On Windows, Mobicip is a system application that protects Internet access through ANY browser anytime, anywhere.
The product is very affordable, starting at only $4.99, or $9.99 annually.

With a complete range of supported devices, operating systems and web browsers, it will work on just about anything! Personally, the ipad product  seems one of their best solutions. Almost every household had an ipod of some sort, and children love them for portability and convenience. never fear though, Mobicip supports everything! Windows 7, Linux, ipad, ipod! One of the best features is youtube filtering, but that's not all of the features! A full list of features includes:

Web-based Parental Controls
A rich and easy to use parental control application that can be accessed from any browser at any time of the day.

Manage Users and Devices
Setup the global filtering level for each user. Protect and monitor multiple users on multiple devices (subscription is per device) under a single parent account.

Category Blocking
Allow or block categories of websites in our database. For instance, you can choose to block social networking or instant messaging websites.

YouTube Filtering
YouTube is filtered dynamically based on your filtering level. Customize the YouTube filter to allow or block specific YouTube sub-categories. For instance, you can choose to allow Education and News categories.

Add specific websites that you would like to block. For instance, you can choose to allow social networking websites, and block

Add specific websites that you would like to allow. For instance, you can choose to block news related websites, and allow Our real-time intelligent content filtering is applied to allowed websites as well, so you can be rest assured that dynamic classification will protect your child on allowed websites.

Whitelist Only
Add specific websites that you would like to allow, and restrict access to only these websites. You can setup your own customized list of websites that you want to allow, and all other websites will be blocked.

Time Limits
Setup specific windows of time during the day or week when Internet access is not allowed using a simple and intuitive interface.

Internet Activity Reports
View detailed activity reports of Internet usage for each user across all devices setup under your account. The report includes time of access, a log of all the websites visited, including the ones that were blocked and the reason for blocking.

Email Reports
Tired of logging in to check the activity reports? Simply elect to receive the reports by email on a weekly or monthly basis in PDF, CSV or plain text formats. Review the reports via email and stay in the loop.