Thursday, July 21, 2011

Parental Web Controls Go Social with Iglu

Parental Web Controls Go Social with Iglu

Novel software presents a new way for parents to create safe web environments for children

(Santa Clara, Calif. – July 7, 2011) - Built to address the issues faced by the online generation, Iglu uses socially-compiled webspaces to allow parents to work with their kids and other parents to set Internet policies for the family.  Iglu addresses the two largest concerns with web filtering: finding and eliminating all unwanted web content and teaching kids how to address online challenges without destroying trust.

Collaborative Safe Spaces
Instead of trying to blacklist all unwanted web content, Iglu is built upon social whitelisting to create safe opt-in webspaces. These webspaces are moderated by parents, teachers and web safety experts from across the Internet.  Thanks to contributors, Iglu webspaces grow constantly and parents can be assured that all of the websites their children visit have been carefully considered.

Working with Kids
Iglu encourages discussions and fosters good online behavior by involving kids as part of the rule making process. When a website is unavailable, a child can request access by sending a message in their own words.  Parents receive requests in real time and can approve them immediately.

Technology can Never Replace the Role of the Guardian
In contrast to letting a software program qualify whether a website is appropriate, Iglu reaffirms the role of parents as the key decision maker. This encourages children to work with parents, not against the software. With this approach, parents become more engaged in the online activities of their kids, while maintaining a level of trust and privacy. Kids forgo a completely open Internet, but have ways to access content when needed.

Additional Iglu features include:
  • Remote Management - Parents can adjust and customize settings, set up alerts and review website requests from any mobile or web-enabled device.
  • Online Curfews - Parents can specify when children are permitted to connect to the web. They can also limit the types of websites kids can access at different hours of the day.
  • User Profiles - Profiles allow parents to create unique settings for each of their kids.
  • History Logs - Iglu records browsing across all browsers and programs.

Iglu is available for a free, 30-day trial.  Subscriptions start at $4.99 per month.  To learn more about Iglu, please visit  Follow Iglu on Twitter, @websafety, and Facebook.  

About Iglu:
Iglu was founded in July 2009 by Bill Madden, the director of Thor College, and by Synergies, a Silicon Valley and Toronto-based media development firm. Committed to teaching safe web practices, they developed Iglu for increased content control and to promote open dialogue about online safety in the home. More information can be found at