Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run Windows XP inside Windows 7

Run Windows XP inside Windows 7

By now you've more than likely found a few programs that just won't work with Windows 7. No matter what compatibility settings you try, your programs will not run. Well fortunately, Microsoft has done something about this problem above and beyond their often useless tips and knowledgebase support articles, they have released a Windows XP Mode Virtual Machine add on for Windows 7 - which means it's free of cost.

Using Microsoft (VMware) Virtual Machine technologies, you can download and run a Windows XP session from within Windows 7. Essentially, a virtual machine is identical to installing an operating system on a PC. A virtual machine is a file that contains the entire computer hardware, bios, settings and operating system.

Microsoft states:
'Windows 7 has several built-in tools to help with program compatibility and Windows XP programs should be installed directly on Windows 7. Windows XP Mode runs some older productivity programs that might not run on Windows 7. Visit the Windows 7 Compatibility Center to find software that works with Windows 7' 

The process is simple to install Windows XP - keep in mind you will need quite a bit of free hard drive space, as the virtual machine files of Windows XP will need it. Additionally as you install and add applications to your Windows XP virtual machine, hard drive space will continue to be used. Count on at least 1Gb to install and run, and maybe 5-10Gb as it's requirements increase down the road.

The download links are listed above - Note: You will be 'windows genuine validated first'