Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plantronics Gamecom P90 Goes Gaming

Plantronics Gamecom P90 Goes Gaming!

Wireless Chat for Playstation® 3 Gaming

The 2010 holiday shopping season is underway, PC and tech Tips in once again offering reviews of gadgets, software, video games etc. This year is no doubt going to be a fun filled year for those that crave technology and gadgets! The first products to reach my desk are the Plantronics line of video game headsets.

Plantronics has been a worldwide leader in professional lightweight headset communications products since 1962. When considering business communications equipment, Plantronics make a quality product, not just from their design and construction, but also in their features and experience with headsets.

Imagine if they got into the video game products market! Wait...they have!

Announcing the Plantronics GameCom P90 Bluetooth PS3 headset. Experience wireless freedom for Playstation®3 game chat. The suggested MSRP is $44.95, available in North America for the 2010 holiday season.

The GameCom P90 Bluetooth® gaming headset for PS3™ boasts some pretty impressive features:

* Bluetooth technology supports an (optimum) range of +/- 30 feet from your Sony PS3™
* Easy-to-find mute button
* QuickPair™ technology for fast pairing to PS3™
* On-off switch saves battery life
* Easy-to-reach volume adjustment buttons
* Works with Playstation3 and most Bluetooth mobile phones
* Secure, comfortable fit for long game play
* Doubles as a regular Bluetooth headset for most cellular phones
(check out the plantronics compatibility tool)
The gameCom P90 lets you talk to your teammates and opponents wirelessly. Plantronics QuickPair™ technology makes pairing your headset to the PS3® system AND your Bluetooth phone easy. A slim earloop and contoured eartip provide a comfortable, and secure fit. The conveniently located on-off switch saves battery life for when you really need it. You can readily adjust the volume with intuitive volume adjustment buttons. The P90 also features USB charging cable connector right into your PS3 system. Often imitated, but not duplicated - it's a Plantronics product after all.