Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Navigating The Mobile Phone Jungle

Navigating The Mobile Phone Jungle

If there is any technology that is moving faster than mobile phone technology advancements? I'd bet it's still related to the mobile phone! Maybe a new mobile cpu, or a new lcd technology, or even a new battery type. The mobile phone is a marvel of technology in the smallest package. It encompasses so many other technologies, unlike no other device.

The problem with mobile phones is that they change so quickly, They reinvent themselves almost every week, and become old and outdated almost overnight.

So how do you keep up with the latest trends, features and technology? The best solution is to follow both public opinion, and reviews. Social websites can offer public opinion, and the technology giants can offer the professional reviews. These sources will offer a good mix for both mobile phone reviews and opinions. The problem is they often lack real pricing information. often you will find the MSRP, which is never accurate.

Twenga has the reviews and opinion websites beat because it offers a mobile phone search engine, mobile phone reviews, real price comparisons, and consumer opinions. It is essentially a technology, computer, and mobile phone information mix, or phone mashup type of website.

The next time you are searching for information on mobile phones, you might just want to give Twenga a visit. Of course, you can also search for just about any other technologies and products too...