Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Install Linux on The Sony PS3?

Install Linux on The Sony PS3? 

Well folks, finally, we have Linux on the PS3. The program is called PS3magic, and it boasts the ability to install specially designed version of Linux on the PS3. YellowGod and Ubuntu, however YellowDog is specially built for the PS3.

PS3Magic in Detail

Gaming consoles are designed to protect the manufacturers property, and to limit the end user from buying anything from competing systems of software. The design their products so that so that 3rd party software and hardware systems cannot be run on them. They definitely do not want someone installing Linux on the PS3. The Sony PS3 allows advanced enthusiasts to personalize their system with the Linux Operating System. Most, if not all gaming systems are "locked" to prevent this type of thing from happening, but the PS3 is not locked, thus allowing this.

The Playstation 3 top features is that is uses the same processor that many top IBM systems use. That means you can use the PS3 as Gaming system, as well as the essential front end of a personal computer system. You can now experiment with game development, Internet programs, Open Office, media and Movies, and other similar uses in our desktop pc's.The only drawback to the PS3 is that you cannot run accelerated graphics.

if you have any interest in explorijgn your PS3 system beyond the basic preloaded applications, then you might consider installing a complete operatung system. PS3Magic does exactly this.

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