Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avoid Getting Your Facebook Account Hacked

Avoid Getting Your Facebook Account Hacked 

hacking facebook security tips You clicked this picture didn't you?... could have been a virus in here!

Facebook is a fairly secure website and it diligently stirves to become better. For the most part, is is not easily hacked. if you are a victim of facebook hacking it's more than likely not something facebook had any involvement of, and even more likely you were probably not even on facebook at the time you were hacked.

Facebook hacking originates from your email, and from websites. NOT from facebook. The source is likely the email you opened that had the attachment that stole your facebook password, or you got hacked from the website you visited...or the picture you clicked on...

Facebook hacking software like that found on facebook-freezer, have been circulating the internet rampantly with everyone sending to everyone else trying to steal account login's etc. 

The most popular facebook hack is the Facebook Fake login which is what is known as phishing. At one point or another you were prompted to re-enter your password. This was a page made by the phisher or hacker etc. that was made to look just like the previous page. It was actually a page that sent your information directly to them.

Lesson: Never type in a password after already having logged,  Download a phishing filter from Norton, ESET or Symantec. Hackers can and most likely will, try to do it again.