Monday, June 1, 2009

The World’s Best Sounding Portable Headphones

Ultrasone Unleashes Zino - The World’s Best Sounding & Safest Portable Headphones

Available exclusively at in June, new supra aural headphones deliver outstanding acoustic performance for mobile listening applications

Wildomar, Calif. - (June 1, 2009) – Ultrasone Inc., distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, introduces a new portable headphone called Zino. Designed for use with iPods, MP3 players and other portable music players, Ultrasone’s Zino features the company’s patented S-Logic™ and ULE™ safe listening technologies in an ultra-mobile design.

Ultrasone has given the Zino a sleek, modern look with gunmetal black, brushed aluminum ear cups and silver colored diamond-cut aluminum nameplates. Even though the Zino was designed for mobile applications, it features two powerful 40mm gold plated drivers, which most commonly are found in full-sized studio headphones. The Zino’s foldable design allows for easy storage and safe transportation in the included hard carrying case.

Despite its small size, the Zino utilizes Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic™ technology. Rather than directing the sound to the listener’s ear canal, as most conventional headphones do, S-Logic technology employs decentralized drivers that direct audio to the listener’s outer ear. This technology not only gives the user a natural surround experience in a stereo headphone by utilizing the ear’s anatomy, but it also reduces sound pressure on the eardrums by an astonishing 40%.

Additionally, the Zino features MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones.

Zino Technical Specifications

• Principle: Dynamic / Semi-Closed
• Impedance: 35 Ohm
• Driver size: 40mm Gold plated
• Magnet: NdFeB
• Frequency range: 25 – 25,000 Hz
• SPL: 101dB
• Weight (excl. cord): 84g
• Cord length: 1,2m (OFC Cable)
• 3.5mm gold plated slim-plug

"The combination of eye-catching aesthetics, phenomenal sound and convenient portability makes Zino the best mobile headphones Ultrasone has ever created," said Paul Taylor, President of Ultrasone Inc. “Music lovers, concerned about the effects that ear buds have on their hearing, will be glad to know a safer and better sounding headphone solution is here.”
The Zino headphones have a MSRP of $129 and are available at and