Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Giveaway of the Day Site Delivers the freebies!

Giveaway of the Day Site Delivers the freebies!

Giveaway of the Day

Many websites try to lure visitors by offering something free. usually in the form of a free report, or an e-book on how to make millions from the comfort of your own home and other nonsense.

Software developers also try to lure you into trying their free software, in hopes of your purchasing it after the trial ends, or to unlock the software's full features. It is not often that one can find something truly free without a hidden catch.

In the case of the website giveaway of the day, it truly delivers as promised. The website itself offers a melting pot of software developers and companies offering their products for a limited time absolutely free. Most of the time, the registration is left open, and a valid serial number is given to registrants. The intention is to promote their products or other similar products for purchase. Fair enough.

The website offers anything and everything one can imagine. There are daily offerings which have limited time windows of opportunity. Open registrations are typically for day or so, however each day there is a new offering.

I love the siote so much, I have added it to the top of the blog. Come by daily and see what is new, or visit the giveaway of the day rss feed directly