Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free SWAG for Free!

Free SWAG for Free!

Search & Win

Not often do I shamelessly promote a website for the purpose of monetary gain (honestly :), however sometimes there is a website or service that absolutely warrants it. In this case, it's a search engine powered by google search that actually does more than google's already amazing powers!

Search & Win is a site that pays you to use their search services. They pay registered users in the form of swagbucks which you can then cash in for gift cards, prizes, and many others items from the swagbucks store. unlike typical other search sites, this one is fun, fresh and useful.

Each day, millions of users access the swwagbucks search engine, they talk on blogs, use the swagbucks twitter page to find the latest swag promotional codes. each day a new code is posted and users must find the code, or decode the clues that lead to the code. The code then earns you swagbucks - from 1 to 20 for simply entering the correct promotional code.

Their are also contests, and options to implement swagbucks search widgets on yoru own sites. Swabgucks is definitely worth a look!

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