Monday, March 2, 2009

Broadband Expert For All Things Broadband

Broadband Expert for all things broadband

Broadband is another term for internet access, highspeed internet, and WAN\LAN network access. Although it is more of a technical term, it basically encompasses all things related to accessing the internet, and accessing networks.

Consumers use broadband for internet access (an internet service provider or 'ISP'), as well as on their mobiles devices such as the iphone, blackberry, and cellular phones. Understanding broadband is quite a complex maze of terms and definitions which often leave the average consumer confiused and no closer to finding a solution to their needs.

Enter Broadband Expert . Broadband Expert is an internet company ( offering a guided tour through the winding labyrinth of broadband products. They offer broadband and mobile broadband package comparisons, broadband service provider reviews, broadband speed tests, and also the best advice to help consumers find the best broadband solutions for their budget, and needs.'

I find their broadband speed test utility particularly useful for checking my ISP's speed, and the quality of service - actual speed, compared to their advertised speeds. Also, if you are price conscious and need cheap broadband in these financially tough times. They can help with the best prices and packages.

While there are similar sites offering similar reviews and comparisons, they are usually directed towards selling a particular product of service, ultimately in the role of a partner or a subsidiary of a major ISP or similar provider. Which in the end means you are not necessarily getting a truly honest or unbiased opinion, or review. Not true with Broadband expert. The primary reason, is they are a completely independent company with no ties to any ISP's. This ensures honest broadband news, reviews, advice and and pricing

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