Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nokia 6600 Slide – A phone for the N-maniac

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Nokia has found a way to churn money in these difficult times. They roll out new models every now and then to get going. And the latest model, the Nokia 6600 Slide is one among the new releases. Nokia 6600 which was launched wayback in 2003 had been a sell out for its rich features and now, it's successor Nokia 6600 Slide is similarly packed with some great features - but it also has some drawbacks of its own.

Being a Series 40 handset like 6600 Fold, it lacks the charisma of the N96 or 95 for that sake. The Slide version of 6600 fits lot of features into its steel casing. It has a really good 3.2 MP camera and a very high resolution screen. The camera’s auto-focus improves the image quality. Nokia has been very consistent with camera technology ever since the 6600 model was released way back in 2003.

For the music junkies, you can store songs 4GB. The phone playsMP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA formats. Also, like most of the set it includes an FM Radio with a twist. It has a stereo FM radio with RDS. But another rich feature is its Quad-Band. Yes! N6600 Slide is a quad band phone with dual band for 3G like many high end Nokia phones. The OS is of 40 series which adds some speediness and responsiveness to the model. There is no need to wait to go to the Gallery or to get the contact list.

But there still are many a complaint on the aluminum direction pads which has created a lot of problems for the user. Pushing it up, down, right, or left is not a problem. Confirming their selection poses the problem.

Overall, the phone with its rich feature can be ranked : 4/5