Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gmail The 7Gb Mp3 Player

Gmail The 7Gb Mp3 Player

Using a free gmail account, everyone can have access to 7Gb of MP3 file storage. Not only it is free, but also quick and easy to setup.

So, how does one use their Gmail email account as a MP3 Player? Follow the information as listed below:

1. Create a new Gmail account - You should create a separate one specifically for Mp3 files only, and be sure you keep your account information (user name and account passwords) somewhere safe.

2. Open your gmail account and email the mp3 to yourself as an email attachment. The new email will appear in your gmail inbox. You can then play it as a music file using the play command ( just below the music file name itself) This will invoke a gmail Mp3 player.


A great tip is to add the artist name, album, keywords and other information within the email. This will allow faster searches forf your mp3's within your emails.

Also, to save gmail storage space delete your sent emails from within the sent email folder.