Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Polishes up their new web browser called Chrome

There is another player in the web browser market now with the recent release of Google's very own web browser called Chrome. Google claims that Chrome is a browser that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. 

There are several reason's this wil be successful, which I'll explain later on. Google - until today - had no web browser, and was relying on Firefox as their supported and recommended platform.There was no real profit or Google branded web browser to support their huge advertising empire. Obviously with Microsoft's Internet Explorer being the largest installed webbrowser, Google had no alternatives. This meant that any advertisign revenues were not utilized as much as they could be. Google had to develop their own web browser, and it was only a mater of time. 

Google is unique and offers many great computer utilities absolutely free. They have an alternative to just about any popular software on the market, and it is free. The only missing componnent was a web browser. email, office, pictures, databases, website editing, free webpages, anti virus, anti spyware, you name it, google has it.

Now with Chrome, Google can release their own operating system to complete with Linux, Apple, and Microsoft. 

Chrome has an impressive list of features and can be downloaded here.


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