Monday, August 11, 2008

Ultimate gaming weapon features 7 button configuration

NZXT Unleashes Avatar High Performance Gaming Mouse

Ultimate gaming weapon features 7 button configuration, 2600 DPI, custom software interface, and sleek, ergonomic design

El Monte, CA – August 11th, 2008 – NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Avatar high performance gaming mouse. As with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, Avatar is designed to provide gamers with the ultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena of choice. Avatar provides extreme enhancements to gameplay with the following breakthrough features…

  • Optimal performance – 2600 DPI Optical Sensor provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness which yields unparalleled gaming accuracy. LED DPI indicator gives the user improved usage and feedback. 5.8 Mega Pixels/second with a max frame rate of 6469 ensures smooth fragging and accurate sniping. 4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a matter of seconds
  • Maximum Customization 7 programmable keys allows gamers to customize their configuration specifically for First-Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategy, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games all within the macro and profile settings
  • Ergonomic Design – Ambidextrous design gives full use to both right and left handed gamers. Rubber grip helps avoid slipping during intense gameplay and the small, light form factor allows for faster and quicker movements.
  • Simple Installation – Avatar plugs into any available USB port
Max Speed
40 Inches/Second
Max Acceleration
Max Frame Rate
6469 Frames/Second
650-2600 DPI
Image Processing
5.8 Mega Pixels/Second
USB Reports
Up to 1000 Reports/Second
Buttons 7 Buttons, 5 Million Clicks

“At NZXT, we’re all about providing gamers with the necessary tools to conquer the competition,” said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT. “By leveraging our vast experience in the PC Gaming/Enthusiast community we’ve designed the ultimate gaming weapon in the Avatar, that will give any PC gamer a deadly advantage in the arena of their choice.”

Retailing for $59.99, the new Avatar high performance gaming mouse is available now. For more information on the NZXT Avatar, visit

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About NZXT
NZXT is a global brand established in 2004 as a PC hardware company built on the dreams of gamers. Their unique lineup of award-winning gaming hardware is completely inspired by gaming culture with product designs driven by the worldwide community of PC Enthusiasts and gamers. Combining unique design and unparalleled performance, gamers can find quality hardware representing their own style and personality in NZXT.