Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HighSpeed Internet Anywhere Anytime

HighSpeed Internet Anywhere Anytime

Many still believe that highspeed Internet access is only available via dial-up modem, in large urban areas. With the popularity of satellite television and new satellites being deployed almost on a monthly basis, the availability of high speed internet access is possible using these very same satellites. The technology has existed for decades, however was not available at a price point that the consumer could afford.

Although the price is somewhat higher than cable and dsl internet services, one main factor differentiates Satellite Internet from regular cable and telephone services - the fact that satellite internet access is available mostly globally. What's more is that it is semi-portable, and can even be mobile. This means that you can access the internet from your RV, cottage, campground, island, or wherever you have a clear line of sight to the southern sky. There are some limitations however, primarily those being that the satellite internet access provider may not have coverage on another continent. In North America for example, you are covered because the satellite signal covers most of North America.
Eurpoe or other locations will have coverage, however with a different provider.

For those don't' completely understand the concept and the service, here is a crash course.
A special satellite dish is installed at your location which has a two-way communication receiver and transmitter built in. The transmitter and receiver are connected to your pc or home network just as cable or dsl internet are - using coaxial cable and a special satellite internet router. The satellite internet router is then connected to your router or directly to your pc.

The service is 'always on' and unlike previous satellite internet genrations, your phone line will not be tied up. Earlier versions of satellite internet equipment required a phone line to send your browsing requests to the earth based network operations center, which was then relayed to the satellite, and then back to your satellite dish. This is no more. The new generation of satellite internet is two-way communication directly with the satellite.

Satellite Internet access is offered by Hughes Corporation. Hughes also owns several satellites that offer satellite television and similar services. HughesNet is the satellite internet access brand in the USA that offer high speed DSL comparable internet access. The speeds vary by plan with the starter speeds boasting thirty five times faster than dial up modem. The pricing starts at $59.99 per month for the home user, and upwards to $189.99 per month for business class services.

The Hughes network is a national network available throughout USA and and in Canada, however because of telecommunications laws and differences, the Canadian version is offered from a different provider.

There is a large network of service technicians, dealers and installers. You may visit the website to learn the benefits and pricing plans available. There are also many promotions and special incentives to join, and even refer friends to save even more.

For a complete details or to speak with a representative you may consider contacting elitesat.com or visit the elitesat blog to ask questions and read more about satellite based internet. For those that are tech savvy, Wikipedia can offer you as much detail as you need about satellite based internet services.