Monday, May 26, 2008

Tell other drivers how you feel with an animated message

Wish your windscreen windSCREAAMMMM?

We’ve all wanted to actively and passionately shout at the driver behind. Now you can. From the original Drivemocion™ car smiley sign comes the latest version which expresses with moving animations, including, a shouting animation. “We wanted to pack more emotion, expression and fun in our car to car communication products” says Maria Lopez from the manufacturer AU-MY Ltd.


Animated messages, range from anger (shouting animation), flirting, happy/thankful, sad/sorry and cheeky – all messages are displayed in the same user friendly round message screen (face sized) – suction cupping insider a rear window and activated by a front mounting remote control. Users of the product enjoy both extremes of the product, being both apologetic for making a mistake or anger from the frustration of others.

“We feel the product will lighten the attitude of roadways, the anger animating message is actually quite funny” explains Maria. As our cultures and roadways become more diverse, so to grows the need to practically and psychologically express ourselves. Drivemocion Animated is available from