Thursday, January 31, 2008

WARNING: Copyright Infringement Notification

In one of the severla internet groups i belog, I read the notification and though it might be a good bit of information to pass on. we have all heard about the RIAA and the MPAA suing people, but what actually happens before you get served with court papers? This letter is a typical warning.

WARNING: Copyright Infringement Notification
We are writing as a courtesy to let you know that we have received notification from one or more owners of copyrights claiming that their work has been transmitted over the Internet from your account without their permission. Copyright owners may include motion picture studios, the recording industry or others who produce or distribute legally protected material. (Please see enclosed notice(s)). We are concerned that either you or a person with access to your account may be unknowingly participating in certain file sharing or server-related activities that led to this complaint.

As you may recall, the Optimum Online Terms of Service posted at require compliance with all applicable laws and specifically prohibits the use of the Optimum Online system for copyright infringement.
We consider you a valued customer, so we wanted to let you know that if the copyright holder pursues this claim, or if there are additional claims, it could lead to legal action against you. We may be required by law to release private information about you and to suspend, or even terminate, your service. We want to help you prevent this from happening.

In order to assist you in your future use of our service, we encourage you to visit for tips and guidelines that we hope will give you all the information you need to avoid further action on this matter or on other matters.

We regret having to send notices like this, and we do not wish to alarm you unnecessarily, but we have a responsibility to advise you of any notices concerning your account.

If you have any questions about our Optimum Online policies, please feel free to contact us at the Customer Service Center, 6xx-8xx-5xxx. We appreciate your business, and look forward to providing you with excellence in broadband service for many years to come.

Raymond J. Connolly
Registered Copyright Agent
Cablevision Systems Corporation